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Undoubtedly every company owner or representative cares for effective promotion and image of the representing brand. Professional website has to be easily found by the wide group of the Internet users in order to realize it's marketing purpose. They are, undoubtedly the success's determinants for every website. The most effective method of acquiring clients from this particular destination group is person or company presence in the web systems of search engines and catalogues. In order to put this assumption into practice,Dreamstorm sugests the customers putting the accomplished websites into resources of the most popular web search engines and Internet catalogues. We start the whole process of website positioning from the selction of proper words and key phrases,that will be describing the activity of the company most accurately. We do that only after agreeing with the customer. If the key words are taken properly, ratings of our customer's website will be able to grow even about 100% in every three months. Moreover, we optimize website's source code, so searching by search engines' robots for the specific website among million of others is more effective. We take care about comprehensive positioning of the web service in most important and most often used Internet catalogues. The success for customer is when the website is taking the highest rank position in results listed by website search engines which of course depends on properly chosen key words and phrases. The main purpose of our work is keeping our client's website located in first 20 results, given by popular www search engines. This way we use knowledge about dependences between the text putting on website and the source code. Customer who makes a decision about promoting one's web service, obtains real effects. We want to point out that the process of positioning takes some time, usually from 1 to 3 months and first effects are perceptible not sooner than by this time. Every website positioning is the long-lasting process, requiring special knowledge that underlines in our practice and experience.


Using statistics, Dreamstorm examines the ratings of the specific website and monitoring IP addresses from which the client's website was hit. Basing on this, we are capable to specify the range of ratings in the beginning and the end of positioning process.


  • Gaining new customers and groups of users visiting our Client's website.
  • Increasing the popularity of the Client's website among visitors.
  • Ensuring the long-lasting and effective advertisement.
  • Promoting the company's image and the brand on the Internet.

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