Multimedia Presentations

Aim of the multimedia presentations

Among others,Dreamstorm is dealing with the preparation of professional multimedia presentations made by Flash technology. Presentations play the outstanding role in every company, showing many aspects of its activity, for example: economical and financial results, productivity, logistic establishments, numeric data, product line and lots of others. If the multimedia presentation is done well, it perfectly completes the reader's lecture; it's also a great visual suplement of company's information materials - it's profile and activity. The presentation creaties the self-contained and cohesive integrity for marketing purposes. Thanks to presentations it is possible, in the striking way, to emphasize features of the product, the effectiveness of offered services or to emphasize different strong points of our Client. Our group is aiming at multimedia presentations carried out not only for companies but also natural person, associations, the organizations and other subjects. Extended multimedia presentations are being stored on capacious data mediums like CDs or DVDs, or putting directly on web sites. Multimedia presentation carried out and saved this way is being distributed for the Customer easily. Because of the fact that presentations are prepared in the Flash technology, they can be run on every device, without the need to install the special software - files which contain the multimedia presentation have executable *.exe widening. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the multimedia presentation is a splendid tool of the direct marketing, whereas connecting the interactivity with sound and the image in the presentation gives surprisingly effective results in the advertisement. The presentation is a comfortable and attractive way of handing over of information about the company or other subject just for their clients. The accurately selected graphics, sound and the text guarantee a well balanced composition which effects in the outstanding visual visiting card of the company. See model presentations at this address.

Additionally, to instructions, Dreamstorm is carrying out marketing researches e.g examining page rank in the Internet which results can constitute element of the multimedia presentation. To Internet needs of companies we make also brief advertising films.

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