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Our aims

The main aim of our activity is to prepare original, functional and effective web pages and graphics. We know that a web site is one of the most important tools of interactive marketing and it is a cheap form of publicity. When designing and preparing web pages, we attach an importance to a clarity, a functionality and elegant and interesting graphic form. W attach much importance to aesthetic, appropriate color choice, design and graphical designs. Every web page should be "light" and designed with simplicity, because an excessive amount of graphic elements, animations, flash elements, cause a slow opening of a web page in a browser. This kind of situation could be especially irritating for a user with a slow Internet connection (modem link). We don't accept situations, when an excessive graphic design veil meritorious part of a web page. We do our best creating a web navigation, it should be logical and intuitive. The main aim of properly designed web page is to pay Client's attention to a mark and to increase company's prestige by promotion of their image and efficient data and information presentation in a meter of activity, offered products or services. We pay attention to the fact that a good web page should reach a wide group of visitors and clients. The aim of our activity is an efficient presentation of web page, first of all by positioning on Internet Search Engines. With time, the promotion will bring measurable advantages, and an attractive web page will soon bring higher recognition of a particular mark.
Dreamstorm also offers modernization, reconstruction, update and enlargement of web pages. We use modern and functional solutions based on modern programing languages most of all: HTML + CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP. Our works are consulted and adjusted to requirements of a Client.

Stages of cooperation with Client:

  • Clients needs designation: kind of web page, number of subpages, quantity of text, graphics etc.
  • Conception and designing of web page
  • Presentation of certain design projects
  • Hosting and domain purchase (optional but recommended)
  • Promotion of a web page
  • Additional update of a web page

PrzykŁady strony WWW

  • Visiting cart of a company (web page that contains main information and contact data)
  • Basic web page (it contains information about company or institution, offer, contact etc.)
  • Static web page (it contains above all: information about company, products catalog, news, pictures etc.)
  • Dynamic web page (it contains wide spectrum of data, interactive elements )

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